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Mission Hill: What to Eat and See

eating meal Mission Hill

Mission Hill is a bustling area of Boston with all of the local hospitals, schools and attractions. Here are some of our favorite things to do in the area!

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10 Common DIY Mistakes to Avoid

10 DIY Mistakes to Avoid - Boardwalk Properties

Whenever someone chooses to do a project by themselves there is always room for error. Not only is it probable that someone working by themselves will lead to it taking more time but there’s also chance of the amount of money possibly doubling or even tripling.

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Best Outdoor Activities in Boston

Friends walking in Boston

If you have recently moved to Boston or you are planning a visit, you will be happy to find that there are tons of exciting outdoor activities to take part in during your stay. Whether you are looking to get the blood pumping and stay active, or you simply want to commune with nature in a peaceful and enjoyable manner, you can find plenty of things to do that accomplish both of those goals. Read on to learn more about the top outdoor activities in Boston these days.

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