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Landlords, List Boston Rooms for Rent the Smart Way

Greater Boston is a unique apartment leasing market unlike any other area in the United States.  We have bedroom sizes of all shapes and sizes in incredibly wide ranging rental pricing that also has succinct neighborhood market timing.  Pricing swings all around based on particular times of the year.  Permitting, renovating and building properties can often lead to properties delivered to market in what some seasoned apartment leasing agents call “the off season” and this can drop your rent as much as 30 percent in some areas.  The problem of renting larger bedroom count properties in the “off season” can seem a daunting task.  There aren’t many real estate companies that focus on helping fill your property by the room; it’s not in their wheelhouse of expertise or they haven’t built the software to support it effectively.  Many companies don’t understand how to handle the paperwork and process correctly.  Your property does not have to sit vacant for several months, and the key is a slight shift in how to approach additional renting options.  Boardwalk Properties is proud to offer the widest range of roommate and rent by the room solutions to Greater Boston Landlords that puts more revenue in their hands at a much quicker pace in many instances.

It’s a well-known fact that it is a lot easier for landlords to rent studios and one-bedrooms than larger rental units. But, most apartments in Boston built are on the larger side, with up to eight bedrooms in some apartments or large single family homes.  The market is in fact dominated by two bedroom to four bedroom apartments.  As real estate professionals, we often hear from Boston landlords who are fed up with the high turnover, roommate drama, and subletting in these larger units.  Often managing bigger bedroom count properties is a part time job in and of itself.  Whether you like it or not; you are often pulled into the roommate and sublet shuffle even if your paperwork with them says otherwise.  Tenants often ask you to play mediator or help assist in filling a room even if it is not your job to do so.  It can be frustrating unlike no other problem.  Well, we hear you loud and clear.  We know how to mitigate a lot of your financial and time stealing headaches– listing Boston rooms for rent, rather than full units in some instances – can also be the key to both happier longer term tenants and higher returns!  Based on our data, renting by the rooms at certain points in the year can yield returns between 10 and 30% higher.  And with a little help fromBoardwalk Properties and the Roommate Matching Database, it can take barely any work on your part.

If you submit apartments to the Roommate Matching Service through Boardwalk Properties, we’ll divvy up your rooms for rent, then match and pool tenants into compatible roommate groups whose Roommate Profiles fit your property. Tenants love this service because it makes their apartment search easier. Landlords love it because it makes them more money on the same property and frees up tons of time to focus on keeping their tenants happy!  You do not have to play friend matcher and chief roommate officer.  Plus, the technology we are deploying is flexible enough to list and market your property in many different ways.  We can list an entire apartment by the room and build the group for you.  Or we can find a tenant for one empty room in an already-shared rental, or find subletters for short-term leases.  We are experts at great options.  We can even market your property through the traditional apartment rental process in a concurrent manner with all items listed above.  You will see us cast the widest net possible so you do not have to spend endless hours per week trying to go it alone.

The Roommate Matching and rooms for rent Database is just one facet of a digital marketing suite for landlords that you can gain access to through Boardwalk Properties. If you list Boston apartments with us, your listings have the potential to be advertised on 80+ locally optimized websites that get the highest local web traffic, posted to targeted social media platforms, and automatically submitted to major national rental listing sites like Craigslist and Zillow and many others. The system automatically determines whether a given platform meets the needs of your listing, then syndicates it to the correct locations on the internet for maximum exposure.  We also deploy a significant amount of human expertise using professional real estate agents and staff to develop a custom digital marketing strategy to save time and make more money.  Know you are in the best hands possible!

At Boardwalk Properties, we offer you the technology you desire to do your job better, but, like you, we are landlords and real estate professionals before any other matter. That means these tools were built by landlords with you in mind, and it also means we can provide one-on-one help from licensed real estate agents. Give us a call to chat about what we can do for you.  We can assist you with all move-in paperwork including guarantor agreements and leases that help handle roommate turn overs be it additions or subtractions from appropriate documents. Drawing on data from the largest real-time rental database in New England, we can help you diagnose why a given property won’t move, whether you can charge a higherrent on your apartments, optimum lease length, and more. Take the guesswork out of the equation and you might see your rental income soar!

Fill out the form below and see how Boardwalk Properties can help you list Boston rooms for rent – and so much more.